that I thought it might be the battery. He said yea that might be it but here are a few other possibilities, and he asked what the more specific symptoms were. See how cooperatively you’ve provided them??? I’ll run this by him and see if he can come up with anything. What’s the make/model/year? That will help too.
As for going and looking at houses and gosh you wish you hadn’t, yea that I can totally understand. I’ll be driving along some country road and see a farm for sale, and geez within 50’ of the sign, I’m already figuring out where I’d put the cows, where I’d put the goats, gosh that fence needs to be replaced and the barn needs a new roof (or worse, the barn is brand spankin’ new = $$$$)…… It’s ridiculous. Some days I wish I could put on blinders and not notice all the other places out there. Stay focused. But if your house is in the market, I guess you have to shop for stuff. I’ll just live vicariously through you for awhile. Let me know where you end up putting the cows.