Depending on how I’m feeling, I trust either zillow or the Chase housing value estimator — zillow if I’m pessimistic, Chase if I’m optimistic (Chase is much higher) We owe 130K (it was originally listed at $200K, we though we got a steal at $155K), at the lowest, it was down to $79K — and now it’s hovering around $100K

But at least we’re not walking away, unlike almost everyone we know! (Is it bad that I wanted to write a miniature “yet….” to the end of that sentence? 🙂 I don’t begrudge those who have had financial hardship and needed to walk away, but many people I know had no financial hardship and just decided they didn’t like the math of owing more than it was worth, and it was only in one of their names, so they took the credit score hit to one, and put their next house in the other’s name.