We did replace the battery shortly after we bought it, and the connectors too. The problem is weird. One instance: I was going to drive it to work, so at 7:00, I started it up, and it died after a few seconds. I started it again, and it died right after it started. Then it wouldn’t turn over at all. I drove my car to work, then at 8:30, my husband started it, and it turned right over, he drove it all day and it didn’t have a problem at all. The last time (a few weeks ago) that I tried to start it, it wouldn’t turn over not even once. So it sat for 2 weeks, because I said if it “has one more start in it, we want to take it to Jeff’s”. Well, when the opportunity to take it to Jeff came along, it started right up. I think it was sticking it’s tongue out at me. He’s had it since Wednesday, and it has started every time he’s tried it.

Went and looked at a house today and I wish I hadn’t, because I really liked it.